A silver bracelet with two small rock cristal gemstones set back to back. Under each stone are hidden some hair from my two cats. Made by hand by Casez Jewellery.

I am delighted to introduce this collection, fusion of elegance and sentimentality - an homage to the cherished companions that leave indelible marks on our hearts.

I craft pendants or tiny charms into precious and discrete mementos: a lock of your beloved pet's fur, forever encapsulated under beautiful faceted gemstones.

Explore the different available designs or let's create a custom piece together!

  • 1


    Choose one of the available designs (below) and send me a request, or contact me directly for a custom project.

  • 2

    The fur!

    I will send you a kit by mail with instructions, so that you can send me back a sample of your lovely pet's fur.

  • 3


    I create each piece on demand. The hair sample will be carefully washed and included in your jewel, nested below a transparent stone.

  • 4


    Your jewel will be sent to you upon payment following the same rules as for other custom orders.

Available designs

More designs coming soon!

Work in progress - I am still working on that collection! In the meanwhile, do not hesitate to make a non binding request for a custom piece!

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A portrait of Marion Chartier, from Casez Jewellery, in her workshop. She holds a piece of silver in her hand and wears a greenpeace tshirt and a pair of earrings with large baltic amber cabochons.

My ethical commitments

I believe that the 21st century is the time for ecological concern and fair practices.

That is why I am committed to creating with respect for people and the planet, with transparency.

Learn about my ethics
  • Fair

    Materials sourced from providers with fair practices.

  • Eco-responsible

    Materials sourced in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Hand-made

    Each piece is unique and created in Vienna, Austria, by hand.

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