A portrait of Marion Chartier from Casez Jewellery in her workshop, wearing two gold rings, a silver ring and a citrin pendant.

I've always been amazed by the incredible diversity of life. For nearly
15 years, I pursued a career as a plant biologist, specializing in studying how flowers' shapes evolved over time.

After training at a jewellery school in Vienna, Austria, I decided to combine my passion for science with creating nature-inspired jewellery, using responsibly sourced materials. Through my jewellery, I hope to raise awareness of our precious and unique natural world, which has evolved over millions of years.

Marion Chartier (she/her)
Plant biologist and jewellery creator
Member of the BVBKÖ

"Observe nature, study it, be part of it.
Protect it. Get inspired by it"

  • Green leaves on a white background. Casez jewellery.



    Every shape that surrounds me, especially natural ones, is a source of inspiration. I like to imagine designs while falling asleep at night.

  • A picture of a hand drawing floral motives for jewellery and wearing two silver rings, one with a red garnet gemstond. Casez Jewellery.



    This is where the work starts: drawing forms and motives until I get a satisfying idea. At this stage, I draw in a small book that I bring everywhere.

  • The technical drawing of a ring, with measurements and annotations. Made by Casez Jewellery.


    Technical planning

    Next comes the technical part: selecting materials, creating a technical drawing, and meticulously planning each step of the creation process.

  • A picture of a piece of silver in the making and an engraving tool next to it. Casez Jewellery.



    Plates and wire are shaped into geometric or floral forms, soldered, filed, cleaned, and polished. The final step involves carefully inspecting the finish under natural light.

A portrait of Marion Chartier, from Casez Jewellery, in her workshop. She holds a piece of silver in her hand and wears a greenpeace tshirt and a pair of earrings with large baltic amber cabochons.

My ethical commitments

I believe that the 21st century is the time for ecological concern and fair practices.

That is why I am committed to creating with respect for people and the planet, with transparency.

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  • Fair

    Materials sourced from providers with fair practices.

  • Eco-responsible

    Materials sourced in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Hand-made

    Each piece is unique and created in Vienna, Austria, by hand.

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