As a creator, I take my responsibility seriously when sourcing materials. My commitment to being ethical and eco-friendly involves extensive research and continuous improvement. I prioritize recycling and conscientiously choose tools, providers, and materials. For instance, while most gemstones lack globally recognized certifications, I refuse to compromise, and I continually seek better options.

In an era of greenwashing, transparency is key. I have detailed my practices on this page and welcome any questions or feedback at contact(a)

I hope to inform and inspire through my ethical and eco-friendly approach.

Two pieces of yellow gold in the making, on a wood surface. Casez Jewellery.


I use gold and silver alloys from the company Ögussa.

Ögussa is part of the Umicore group,a global leader in metal recycling. They are committed to responsible practices, with most of their metals being recycled. For the rest, they follow Fairmined standards, ensuring traceability, planet protection, and support for artisanal communities. Ögussa also holds the Responsible Care Certificate, minimizing their environmental impact when using chemicals.

14 small gemstones in round cut. Casez Jewellery.


I source gemstones from trusted dealers who provide stones with known origins and cutting places. These dealers belong to groups like the Ethical Gem Suppliers Group, ensuring fair working conditions and minimizing environmental impact.

Alternatively, I offer lab-grown gemstones with the same composition and properties as mined ones. By choosing lab-grown stones, you support eco-friendly practices without disrupting ecosystems or exploiting people. For example, I provide manufactured diamonds from Diavon, using renewable energy and ethical working conditions in the USA, Germany, and India.

Additionally, I use recycled gemstones with their own unique history. They might need recutting or repolishing, but they have the least impact on people and the planet. Choosing recycled gemstones means participating in a circular economy.

A pearl on a maple seed and some black soil background.

Organic materials

Unlike gemstones, organic materials like coral, bone, horn, pearls, mother of pearl, and amber come from living organisms.

Coral: Although I am in love with its texture and color, I decided not to use coral. Red-coral populations have greatly decreased primarily due to overfishing, water pollution, and climate change. It is nowadays difficult to find large colonies of red-coral species. To learn more about red-coral and why we should stop wearing it, you can visit the page of marine biologist Georgios Tsounis. For beautiful images of living red coral, you can watch this movie from National Geographic.

Mother of pearl: mother of pearl comes from shells of shellfish or sea snails. I use recycled mother of pearl.

Amber: Amber is fossilized tree sap. I use amber collected and polished within the European Union. To learn more about what amber is and how it is formed, you can read this article from scientists Leyla Seyfullah and Alexander Schmidt.

A picture of a piece of silver in the making and an engraving tool next to it. Casez Jewellery.

At the workshop

I prioritize buying tools made in the EU and opt for second-hand whenever possible. I prefer tools with replaceable wearable parts.

I send both precious and non-precious metal and paper waists to recycling centers. I exclusively use recycled paper and avoid whitened paper unless necessary. To reduce paper usage, you will receive a digital bill unless otherwise required.

To store gemstones, I use paper envelopes or recycled containers instead of new plastic or foam boxes.

In my workshop, the electricity and heating are sourced from Go Green Energie, providing 100% renewable energies from Austria. They are certified ÖKOTREND and offer a "Klimaneutrales Produkt" (neutral emissions) for gas.

All my packaging is labeled as 'FSC-Mixed,' indicating that it contains at least 70% of a combination of responsibly sourced wood and recycled materials. Additionally, the foam used in these boxes is made from Tall oil, a by-product from paper production.

A silver pendant displaying an amethyst in oval cut. A cat claw and cat hairs are hidden below the stone. Made by hand by Casez Jewellery.

Custom designs

Do you dream of a jewelry piece made exclusively for you or your loved one(s)?

Whether it is to commemorate a special event, make a statement, or create a family heirloom, I will be delighted to meet you and discuss your project!

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