This page was designed to help you pick the right size for your rings. Do not hesitate to contact me for more guidance!

How to choose the right ring size?

The ring sizes used in all product descriptions follow the German system, representing the inner perimeter of the ring in millimeters. For instance, a size 55 ring has an inner perimeter of 55 mm. The table below can assist you in converting your ring size to different sizing systems.

A good way to order the right size is to measure a ring you already own and that has a similar thickness as the product. Once you know the inside diameter, use the table below to discover your size!

Another, good solution, is to ask a goldsmith or jewellery shop you trust to measure your size using a ring sizer. Don't forget that finger sizes actually vary a lot! For example, fingers might get particularly swollen on a warm day, and, at contrary, quite thinner than usual on a cold day.

All my packaging is labeled as 'FSC-Mixed,' indicating that it contains at least 70% of a combination of responsibly sourced wood and recycled materials. Additionally, the foam used in these boxes is made from Tall oil – a by-product from paper production.

A silver pendant displaying an amethyst in oval cut. A cat claw and cat hairs are hidden below the stone. Made by hand by Casez Jewellery.

Custom designs

Do you dream of a jewelry piece made exclusively for you or your loved one(s)?

Whether it is to commemorate a special event, make a statement, or create a family heirloom, I will be delighted to meet you and discuss your project!

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